15 May


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Today, I would like to bring a very important topic and discuss about the same. Time and again I have said that my kids are my sunshine and that's true. All kids are for their mothers. But then why did I leave them behind for my holiday? I got quite a number of questions. Well, let me tell you Why because sometimes in the middle of the running in this real world, to keep your sanity you need some me time and that's why I do this atleast twice every year. It is important to find your balance. And why be guilty? I was in constant touch with them through videos and calls.. I kept them involved with me even from there. Planned a full calender for the kids before i left from extra curriculum activities to playmates. I am not gonna say that you should take a vacation for yourself to show the world or something. Take it because your mind and body needs one and Well, we all deserve a holiday far far away from reality!

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