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This Monsoon lets have some Fun!!!!-Team Hugsntugs

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Don’t you just love monsoons especially after the scorching summers!! The older ones relive the childhood by just enjoying the rain showers and the kids have no bounds to their joy right from the first rainfall of the season. While this season is the most pleasant and beautiful weather, it can dampen your spirits if taken completely carelessly


Here are a few tips to follow to keep your kids healthy to enjoy the rainy season to the fullest:


  1. Keep the Germs Away: There is a lot of sweat due to humidity. Bathing helps to keep skin clean. Keep sweaty body parts clean and dry to avoid any skin infection or rash. Keeping it in control by using talcum powder is very important. It is also helpful to add a few drop of coconut oil or need oil to the bath water to soothe the skin. Wash hands a s much as possible as germs are on rise during this season.


  1. Outside Food: Try your best to give homemade food to kids during rainy season. During this season, the germs increase at the highest speed. The food gets sour in a very short span. So even home cooked leftovers should be used asap. The tetra pack milk and juices only should be used if at all required.


  1. Clothes: The kids should be made to wear 100% cotton lose fitting clothes so that they can dry out sweat fast and then can breathe easily.


  1. Playing in Rain: If and when your kids get wet in rain, their clothes should be immediately changed once they are home instead of waiting for them to dry up. Fungal infection can be caused by damp clothes. Also, being in and out of air conditioned room in wet clothes can give them a quick flu infection.


  1. Mosquitoes: Monsoon comes with a sudden growth of mosquitoes, insects, ticks, lice etc. Along comes a trail of illness. A lot of mosquito repellent patches, sprays and lotions are available in markets specially designed attractively for kids. Mosquito nets are also available for small babies.


  1. Drinking Water: Monson also come with a lot of water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery. The best way to deal with this is to have clean drinking water. Having boiled drinking water is the easiest way. Otherwise one could use water purifiers that are commonly available in the market. You must assure that the water bottle that your kids take to school is washed thoroughly on a daily basis.


  1. Travelling with kids during monsoon: Here are a few things that should be in your carry bag when you are out in the rainy season. A bottle of clean drinking water, 2 pairs of clothes to change into if wet, a raincoat, a talcum powder, sanitizers, wipes etc. and loads of patience as kids will be kids!!



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