23 Mar


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I clearly remember how my son very wittingly told us that he had dreamt of a bicycle one night which had some superheroes made on it. This was just a few days before his 4th birthday. He was so keen on letting us know of every detail about this cycle and how in his dream he was practically flying high on it and all his friends were just in awe of him! I now think it was quite smart of him to let us know what he wanted for his birthday.


So just like all the first time parents, very enthusiastically my husband and I rushed to the best cycle store around to buy him the cycle of his dreams! We went from one shop to another to spot the one which was somehow close to the cycle of his imagination and finally found this blue bicycle at Firefox which even had a superman made on it ( Jackpot J!!)


And then gradually we saw his excitement with this new toy fading just as the case was with the other toys in past. My husband who was a very enthusiastic cyclist during his childhood did his bit to bring on the same spark in him about the cycle but it really did need more of time and hard work from our end as a family.


Kids today are so much more attracted to the beyblades and ipads than the pure joy of cycling which we have grown up with day after day during our childhood! Finally we all gave up on this sport and it was more of a routined Sunday push and he would do a few rounds here and there and we would see the cycle parked glum in our little garage. So much so that the Superman on it started looking more of a sad man!! Ok in my mind at least!!


Then on one of the nice sunny winter Sunday afternoon my son walked in all charged up and demanded to know where his cycle was. And I was smiling this 1000 watt smile that finally my kid wanted to do something which was less of technology and more of a sport! And then next I heard him say that he wanted to take off the supporting wheelers off it and start riding it without them just the way one of his older friends in the neighborhood had started a few days back. And my heart just sank!! It took a lot of haggling and nagging from my end to tell him that it was impossible for him to do so when he would hardly cycle around even with supporters. But it was all in vain!


Finally we decided that we would practice everyday and I would teach him how to cycle without these balancing side wheels. And we began! It was way much easier said than done! It was nearly impossible for me to run behind him holding up his seat from the back from end to another while he wanted to speed up as much as possible. And I wanted to just quit! And put those convenient wheelers back on till next year! One or two practice round later I gave up and said that we should do this some months later when he would be older but he was adamant to try to do it by himself. I literally did not know how to tell him that he won’t be able to learn by himself especially when every night I tell him bedtime stories of all sorts making him believe that where there is a will there is a way!! I just retired by asking the older kids in the block to kindly oversee that he doesn’t hurt himself and felt ashamed of myself taking the convenient way out and not being this super mom just like we see in Bournvita Ads.


And just three days later, I hear this non stop doorbell ringing while I had just propped up to enjoy my time of quietness while the little monster is out to play and my inlaws have gone for a walk and hubby is not yet back from work! If you are a working mother with less of help at home you would know it’s a sheer bliss to have the house completely to your self with no noise and no one calling out from their comfy spots for a little thing here and there to be passed on to them. And with a grumpy face I open the door knowing it will be my son back to fetch some toy that the kids unexpectedly decided to play with. And yes of course it was him!! With a grin which is shouting that he was no less than a star!! And he said “ Mom I have a surprise for you!! Come out!!” And I followed him.


I followed him to see the best sight of my life so far!!!


He said just hold my bike only till I place myself on the seat and start to peddle.. And then he hopped on his bike and shouted out “Mamma leave it now!!” and I did so with all my doubts!!


And just watched him glide so beautifully!! It was like magic. I almost had tears in my eyes!! He stopped and sang “Try Try Try till u Suceed!!” This was the story we read the night before!


So now it’s going to be two years since we got this cycle. We have had it lying around for one and half year, and it is again the toy he is crazy about! And his birthday is round the corner again and there is this whole new discussion about how he wonders what the cycles with gears are all about. His dad tells him he is too young for it! And then me and my champ smile knowingly that he is not too young for anything that he thinks he is old enough for!










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