Teach Your Child to Share
06 Aug

Teach Your Child to Share

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Make sharing fun

Teach your kid to play cooperative games in which players work along toward a standard goal. For example do puzzles along, take turns adding items etc. Share chores too: water the plants, sweep the ground, or fold laundry with him. Provide him things to share along with his friends.This could simply be a sort of a special snack for nursery or a roll of stickers to distribute during play time.

Don’t penalize trait

If you tell your kid that he is egotistic and discipline him when he doesn’t share or force him to hand over a prized possession, you may foster ill will, not generosity. To encourage sharing, use positive reinforcement instead of reprehension.

Talk it up

When kids squabble over toys, facilitate them to understand what they feel. If a child is holding one thing back, illustrate to your kid how his friend may be feeling. Perhaps you may discover that there is a shortage of train tracks at his nursery or that he particularly prizes his soccer cards since they were a gift from granddaddy.

Set the stage

Before having guests over, ask your kid if there is something he’d rather not share and facilitate him to find a decent place to keep those special toys. Then ask him to consider some things that might be fun for him and his friend to play together with like toy walkie-talkies, art and craft, building blocks and sporting goods. That may place him in a sharing frame of mind once his guest arrives. Ask his friend to bring along a toy or 2 of his own too, since your kid would also be additionally generous if he is not the sole one doing the giving.

Respect your child’s things

If your child feels that his garments, books, and toys are being manhandled, it’s unlikely that he’ll share them even for a flash. Thus ask for permission before you borrow his colored pencils and provide him the choice of claiming no. Check that that siblings, friends and babysitters respect his things too by asking if they can use them and by taking care of them when they do.

Lead by example

The best manner for your kid to be told generosity is to have him witness it. Thus share your frozen dessert with him. Provide him your scarf to fashion into a superhero’s cape and ask if you can try his new hat. Use the word share to explain what you are doing, and do not forget to show him that intangibles (like feelings, ideas and stories)can be shared too. Most vital, let him see you provide, compromise and share with others.

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