12 Aug


Times Read: 1861

Lets free ourselves from the stress of daily lives this independence day. Lets spend some quality time with our children and make them have a great time while giving them some knowledge about how our country has got independence.


Here are a few things you could do this Independence day long weekend:


  1. Lets do some crafts:

For kids who are into arts and crafts, here is a great chance to bring out your colour pens and paper. Encourage them to make some tricolor flags. Making Independence Day cards and sending them to friends and neighbors is a good way to keep them busy.


  1. Face Paints:

It could be fun if we do some face painting. Paint Indian flags on their cheeks!!! The kids love the whole idea of paints on the faces. Bring on some excitement while doing so!


  1. Food:

How about adding food color to your rice and making Tricolor Pulao. There are various recipes available on the web where you can add food colours (of national tricolour flag) and make mealtime quite festive.


  1. Dress up:

It could be fun if we all dress up in our traditional ethnic clothes to mark the day as out of ordinary. There are lots of brands nowadays which sell exclusive kids ethnic and western wear. One such cool online store is www.hugsntugs.com. You can even get clothes customized with your choice of designs, fabrics, colours, cuts etc. So go ahead and go all out in dressing up your little ones and make them feel it’s a special day.


  1. History:

It could be a great chance for you to make them learn some history about the country by talking about the history of freedom fighters. You should pare some time out and enhance their knowledge about the country’s history about the British Rule. It would fill them with pride to know how great their freedom fighters were and all their stories are very interesting. Hold an interactive quiz session amongst the kids and let them learn and show off their knowledge.


  1. Value of freedom:

Last but not the least, try to inculcate the value of freedom in your children. Educate them about human rights and responsibilities in your own fun way. Teach the how it is very important to be a good citizen of country. 

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