REVIEWS Sleeping Bags for Kids – Do you really need one?
24 May

REVIEWS Sleeping Bags for Kids – Do you really need one?

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There are very few non-essential items that I would add to my should-have list. Read on to find out why this sleeping bag for kids made it to the top of my SLEEPING SQUAD list.

Kids sleeping bags is not really the kind of item most parents would consider buying. Or at least I didn’t. Despite the fact that we travel so much, it never occurred to me that I should get a sleeping bag for Karma which could be used in hotel rooms or Airbnb. Even then, after managing quite well for so long, did I really need it?

So I got this orange Fox Print Sleeping Bag from HugsnTugs and it clearly looks adorable. It’s essentially meant for toddlers and older kids; not for babies. Decided to get an Aeroplane Pillow too because Karma loves aeroplanes. To be honest, some of the other cushions available on their site are even better, like the owl which was my downright favourite. Karma likes owls but prefers planes. So mama had to settle. :p

I should tell you straight up that Karma loved the sleeping bag! My plan was to use it for ‘camping in the living room’ nights or while traveling. But now it’s a permanent fixture next to her bed in her room. The one day it was drying after a wash, she threw a royal fit.

Plus Points:

  • Machine washable – Karma is prone to allergic skin reactions so every new thing that I get for her has to be first cleaned very well. Especially bedsheets, cushions, pillows etc and in this case, the sleeping bag. I was informed by the brand that the sleeping bag is hand and machine washable. I had it hand washed and there was no damage to it. The cushioning stayed intact and colours looked as bright.
  • Pillow – It comes with a matching pillow of its own which is very comfortable and fluffy. The aeroplane pillow that arrived was actually bigger in size than I expected and holds its shape really well.
  • Padding – The sleeping bag has sufficient cushioning. Your toddler will not be uncomfortable even with the bag laid out directly on the floor.
  • Side Zip – The side zip opens up till the very end so its easy to get in and out. In fact, Karma’s been using it with the zip open. She just pulls the cover on herself when she wants. It’s a thick zip that won’t damage easily and doesn’t have sharp edges.
  • Compact Fold – You can roll-up the sleeping bag with pillow in between and it will fit anywhere, even in your hand luggage suitcase. If you skip the pillow, it’s as compact as a folded AC blanket.
  • Light weight – I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t weigh a lot which makes it easy to carry. Perfect for sleepovers or travel.


I want to touch upon both pillows very quickly simply because the designs are really cute. Like I said, on the HugsnTugs online shop, they have lot of adorable designs. The aeroplane wasn’t even their best one. You have to check out the owl and frog. Karma doesn’t like frogs and plane trumps owl but I’m still planning to get the owl. The pillows are fluffy, hold their shape and the cloth is soft. Karma uses the fox pillow under her head and the aeroplane has joined her Sleeping Squad – Teddy, Bolster, Snowflakes and Aeroplane.

NOTE: We remove all pillows after she’s asleep as they are a suffocation hazard for toddlers.


  • Sleep overs – If your child is of the age where they are old enough for sleepovers, then you should definitely get this. The size can be customised by HugsnTugs. Imagine how excited your kid will be carrying their own funky sleeping bag to their friends place.
  • Visiting Grandparents – We make these trips at least a couple of times a year. And every time we do, Karma’s sleep training goes down the drain because she sleeps with us there. At home, she sleeps in her room. Not to mention, her nani-nana and dadi-dada were more excited about the sleeping bag than us!     
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