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Thankyou so much @lovethatyoucanbuy for including Hugsntugs outfit in your informative blog!! This is surely a great read for all mothers!

Parenthood is hardship , unconditional love and lack of freedom. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child , well they had not met internet.

Everything is good to an extend. Excess of everything is harmful. So is too much knowledge and too much digital exposure. Honestly Meera is not exposed to digital media yet. She doesn't want videos or rythms on phone. I had pledge to myself that no digital exposure till 2years. So far is going fine. Whatever and whenever I am teaching her anything it's all manually. It's definitely exhausting as I don't get a min off her. But honestly its going to be worth it in long term

Cons of digital exposure on kids 

  • Most importantly it's addictive. US has rehab centre for kids suffering from digital world. Doctors have sadly accepted that there is no medication for it and relapse can lead to dead.
  • It's a hurdle in brain development. It's doesn't stimulate imagination rather just excited kids with animation and audio.
  • It's lead to anti -social kids behaviour. They are aloof player and faces difficultly accepting new environment.
  • It may or may not be educational depending upon what they are truly using and for what reasons.This does not let them use innovative methods to answer the questions. 
  • It is suffocating kids by pulling it away from outside play. They are not expose to natural air and hence also leads to immunity issues.
  • In long run,it leads to depression as it's doesn't offer touch and feel senses. Just a visual and audio appealing mechanism
PS- Meera is dressed in one of my favourite brands @hugsntugs .They have perfect kids wear collection with most up tends offering.This stylish dress speaks for it self. Most important affordable prices.
There is no right and wrong in parenting.So lots of love and respect to every moms choice.Head to @momzdiary to know her side of story and pros of digital world.
Let's talk about #shadesofmommying and support our choices.Dedicating this week on digital exposure.Let's respect each other and share our motherhood journey.
Use #shadesofmommying while sharing your experience
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