13 Oct


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  • For someone who chooses comfort over fashion, I make sure my children wear presentable but comfortable outfits. Since they are always perky, jumpy and moving, their clothes should allow them to stretch, run, play and just be themselves.

  • Also I make sure they change into something relaxing before they go to bed. It annoys me when, at times, they are too tired and plop on their bed without changing. That is why I always try and lay out fresh pairs of tracks and t-shirts before they can start making up excuses.

    When the sleepwears from @hugsntugsarrived for a review, I found what I was looking for: * light-weight * loose-fitted * thin cotton fabric

    Everything that spells cozy and will aid in inducing sleep faster in my boys. (Can't wait for them to doze away soundly!) The pale blue sleepwears have cute prints of rainy scenes on them. The cut and fabric are impressive. I'm going to gently handwash them in cold water instead of using the machine so that the fabrics don't loose their mildness.

    This is the first time that all my boys wore the same outfit. I even saw Hubster delighted on spotting them wear the same sleepsuits and capture the three of them on his phone. For a person who doesn't click all that much, it says a lot.

    @hugsntugs also offer statement accessories for kids upto 8 years of age, nursery essentials for babies and personalized wears for kids. Their range of online kids' clothing is vast. 
    If I were to rate the brand based on the products I received, I'd give them a 9 on 10.

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