Green Cloud Themed Gift Basket

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Rs 1,890

This 4 Piece Set includes 1 Cushion ,1 Infant Blanket and a Swaddle Set. Our product has been crafted to induce quality sleep during the day and through the night, keeping in mind the overall well being of your baby in their primary years. Since cotton is more absorbent, these swaddle sheets will dry faster in case the baby perspires at night. Antimicrobial & Hypoallergenic bedding helps to control dust mites and create a healthier environment that won't allow them to hide away or multiply exponentially. This lustrous fabric can withstand higher number of washes and is gentle to your baby's skin. Colour subconsciously affects our mood, emotions and even health. Based on our in depth research, our skillfully selected composition of colours will help build specific characteristics to nurture your child's future growth. 

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