Christmas and its magic-Team Hugsntugs
19 Dec

Christmas and its magic-Team Hugsntugs

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Here comes that season of the year and along comes the full glory of it! It is pure joy to see my 6 year old son suddenly trying to be the best child around right in the beginning of December. In fact the act begins somewhere in November itself with his non-stop asking of how many days are left for Christmas.


The TV viewing hours gradually begins to align with the permitted timings, I pad viewing is sulkingly sacrificed, home works are done with less of a pain and brushing at night is not an everyday’s battle.


He reminds me everyday that we have to do the best Christmas tree decoration this time. Ofcourse, he would help me diligently like every year.


Also, with all the environment and ecological awareness given in the school, this time round he would like to have a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one. Though, this looks like another trick to win points with Santa to me. Thankfully, we have this small pine plant which will be the perfect make do for Christmas tree. Bless the person who planted it in the house in the first place!!


So we are done with the tree arrangement. This weekend’s project is to have the Christmas tree up and decorated! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and laughter. I have some decorations left over from last season and have added some new ones just to add some novelty. We just finished with letter writing to Santa with my son last night. The letter is definitely a piece of art!! The never ending promises to be the best kid for the coming year , the list of gifts that he wants is full of options just incase Santa doesn’t find that one right toy, all his good deeds are listed point wise so that Santa knows he very well deserves all the requested gifts!!


I plan to leave work early one of the days this week to go Christmas shopping and buy the listed toys and hide them well only to be placed under the tree on Christmas eve after he sleeps off. Putting him to sleep each Christmas eve is such a task. He insists on staying up all night and wait to get a glimpse of Santa. Poor guy eventually falls off to sleep and then we finally place the toys under the tree which we struggle to hide around the house. This time round, I got these real beautiful hand patched Christmas stockings from Hugsntugs to place the gifts under the Christmas tree. I will definitely save these for next year. They definitely look like they will be good to go for some years.








I would love to remember these years when he truly believes in the magic of Christmas, North Pole and Santa, so unaware of how it really goes at the backend.                                                                      



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